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A new liming product for hill country

Apr 3, 2016

DEBENHAM Australia Pty Ltd has announced the introduction of Calciprill into Gippsland.

Calciprill is a 2mm to 6mm prill made from very finely ground high purity lime.

Calciprill now gives farmers in hilly and steep country in South Gippsland the opportunity to address soil acidity on their farms, something that has not been able to be done in the past because of physical and economic restraints.

The granulation of Calciprill enables dust free, easy application by aircraft or through normal farm spreading equipment.

“There is a high proportion of hill country in South Gippsland that has a good fertiliser history but the soils are still very acidic,” Ian Debenham from Debenham Australia Pty Ltd said.

“This means poor uptake of applied fertiliser and often above optimum levels of soil aluminium and iron. Raising soil pH will help to alleviate these problems and improve pasture performance.

“Farmers should now consider building the use of Calciprill into their annual fertiliser programs.” Mr Debenham also suggests it is important to soil test on a regular basis so the correct decisions are made when purchasing lime or fertiliser.

For further information and all enquires contact Ian Debenham on 0418 343 013 or 5662 5317.

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Download the Article